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Colonial Defiance
Updated: 3/26/2019
Colonial Defiance
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  • The Sugar Act of 1764 raised taxes on sugar and other goods and declared people accused of smuggling were guilty until proven innocent.
  • The Boston Tea Party happen in December of 1773 when Bostonians protested the Tea Act by dressing up as Indians and pouring tea off a boat
  • King George issued the Proclamation Act in 1763, declaring colonists could not settle west of the Appalachians.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion was when chief Pontiac led an uprising burning down settlements and towns.
  • The Sons of Liberty in 1765 in Connecticut led by a merchant named Isaac Sears.
  • The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770 when soldiers fired at Bostonians and 6 colonists were killed and 6 were wounded.
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