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Updated: 3/25/2020
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  • yeah, wait a minute he was the president to end the 4 year civil war! From 1990-1993
  • 1994
  • Mr. President is dead! His plane was shot down.
  • Mr. President!
  • President of Rwanda
  • yeah between us Hutus and the Tutsi. I am tired of them.
  • I heard. Its so sad we don't even know who did this.
  • Whites are above all other races!
  • Hey grandpa!
  • Can you explain to me what Apartheid is in South Africa?
  • Apartheid
  • Must end Apartheid!
  • Actually lets watch this detailed video that explains what it was.
  • Sure why not.
  • Blacks aren't equal!
  • Hi
  • Hello sir, let me take you to your table and please read our creative menu!
  • The black leather restaurant.Here's some back round imformation. to begin with our resterant provides our foo fast, we try not to have our customer waiting more than 15 minutes after their order was taken. We also provide food from diffrent culturals, we try to show our customers a great taste and optional apitizers nation wide. Foods tsarting from all the way from Japan to African cultural foods. Finally our desrts our cheap, and also rich and creamy. We try to make our customers come first before anything else in this resterant and thank you for coming to the black lether resterant! Enjoy!
  • South Africa restaurant.
  • Menu
  • thank you and will do
  • Yeah although they make up only 14% of Rwanda and we make up 86% They are still more successful.
  • Yeah and the tutsis are more wealthy and civilized.
  • We need revenge! Get knives,bats,machetes, cars. And also other Hutis!
  • Lets show them who's boss and kill them! All tutsis must go lets kill all we can in the next 100 days!
  • Rwandatreaty
  • I think it was the tutsis who shot down the plane. They are probably still mad from the civil war and that it was ended.
  • yeah a lot of are kind is homeless or in poverty.
  • Lets make a goal, in the next 100 days lets try to kill the whole population of tusti's. Lets cut down the tall trees!
  • Why?
  • Hello, viewers, my name is Ted and I'll be explaining to you what Apartheid was in South Africa. This law separated blacks from whites. The law made this 4 categories, there were whites, blacks, those who were both/mixed and those who were native/Indian. This was a law that took place from the years 1948-1994. Mostly only blacks were targeted, their schools were different from the whites, there bathrooms, homes, stores and much more. There we strict laws deviding these two. It was ilegal to go to the same school. This law was kind of like segergation in the 1900's in the U.S. Both races couldn't get married with one another. It was basically a system created to ignore the black and make them not have a say and make them unheard. But this all changed when a human rights activist you may know Nelson Mandela who lived from 1913-2005. This hero help stop these horrible laws by making speeches, making protest and eventuall becoming South Africa's president. But he suffered many obstacles, doughts and jail time for unfair reasons but he still manage to abolish this law and end this madness making blacks equal to whites and the laws that seperated those people were also abolished.
  • On the T.V.
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