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Sample Script
Updated: 9/11/2020
Sample Script
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  • Certificate of Excellencehdushusdhhdpfudfhuoshfuhueohfuowehufoeufpupeuwhufwhuxhydi8080sd80f0ghggyglgujhjhuhuiyiygyogoygouygugugugugugiugygygtftfcftftyyygygygygygyvgvgvttftfttttfcfcf6tcfftyfftftftftrcrcfcfcfcf Certificate of Excellencehdushusdhhdpfudfhuoshfuhueohfuowehufoeufpupeuwhufwhuxhydi8080sd80f0ghggyglgujhjhuhuiyiygyogoygouygugugugugugiugygygtftfcftftyyygygygygygyvgvgvttftfttttfcfcf6tcfftyfftftftftrcrcfcfcfcf
  • Camera work: OTS, MSDescription: Police officer peering down at Gosa with her arms crossed.Audio: Police officer: What’s in your bag Mr. Gosa?
  • Camera work: OTS, BSDescription: Gosa looking back at the police officer slightly irritatedAudio: Gosa: Look I don't know what you're looking for but you're not going in my bag. I have rights.
  • Camera work: OTS, MSDescription: Police seems upsetAudio: Police officer: Actually you don't so Just open it Mr Gosa.
  • Camera work: OTS, BSDescription: Gosa rolling his eyesAudio: Whatever it's not like your going to find anything
  • Camera work: ECUDescription: Gosa’s hand reaches into his bag and pulls out Contraband materials.Audio: SFX: unzips his bag
  • Camera work: OTS, MSDescription: OTS, BS: Gosa’s face in complete shockAudio: Wait, wait, wait this isn't mine i know what this looks like but you’ve got to beli-Police officer: take him away boys we found are guy.
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