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Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to topic one: Biogeography
  • Biogeography: Evidence for Natural Selection
  • In the introduction I will define and explain what Charles Darwins Theory of Natural Selection by Evolution is. Whilst I do this an Image of Darwin will appear followed by another image of man evolving. From here I will introduce the topics of Biogeography and Comparative Anatomy and how they give evidence towards Darwins theory. When I state both topics an image that displays both examples will appear.
  • Introduction to topic two: Comparative Anatomy
  • A black screen with the title Biogeography: Evidence will transition to myself explaining and introducing the topic of Biogeography. As I explain the concept an image will appear on the right of me which displays Biogeographical regions with the tile of biogeography beneath it. The text will then change to the definition of Biogeography and what it is whilst I continue to introduce the topic.
  • Comparative Anatomy: Evidence for Natural Selection
  • When I start discussing how Biogeography gives evidence towards natural selection through plate tectonics and evolution a video will appear next to me which displays Pangea separating into the modern configuration of the world. I will then give examples of Biogeography works and when this happens a video of a kangaroo will appear as-well as the Nullarbor to display Australia's unique flora and fauna because of its isolation
  • Conclusion
  • A black screen with the title Comparative Anatomy: Evidence will Appear then transition to a shot of me discussing what Comparative anatomy is. An image will then appear with the tile Comparative anatomy underneath it. The text will then change to the definition of comparative anatomy whilst the image stays where it was. Then an image will appear which displays examples of both Homologies and Analogies whilst I continue to introduce the topic.
  • I will start my evidence whilst talking about Homologous features. whilst I discuss this an image of the Forelimbs of a whale, bird and a human will appear which displays the similarities between them. I will then transfer to another shot where I discuss how analogous features give evidence. Whilst I discuss this an image of the birds, flies and moths wings will appear. I will then link back to the question.
  • A black background with the title Conclusion will transition to me concluding the video. In the conclusion images of both topics will appear as I discuss how they link back to Darwins theory. From here a video will appear next to me of unique animals as I conclude the video once and for all. After this an image of my bibliography will appear followed by a title reading 'Thank You For Watching."