Just a Normal Day

Updated: 8/27/2020
Just a Normal Day

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A day in my life

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  • Waking Up
  • @4th.praetor
  • The Ride
  • Temecula
  • The Office
  • Poolees: Johnson, ElijahJohn, JacobNewton, Isaac ...
  • I woke up at 3 am, and got dressed. I spent about 20 minutes cleaning up and getting ready. It was 8/21/2020, and I was informed about this mandatory IST two days prior.
  • The IST
  • This is hard!
  • I think im ready
  • Once I got at the station my recruiter gave me a quick brief of whats about to happen, because I didn't know prior to my arrival. Then he drove me down to Temecula along with a buddy of mine.
  • The Drive Back
  • Yeah man I ship in November, but i'm going reserves!
  • 'The Boss' was going to be there our recruiters told us before they instantly snapped into an angry aggressive tone. An older gentleman may be in his late 30's came in to inspect our fitness status.
  • School
  • You guys are going to run 1.5 miles, do as many pull ups, and as many sit ups as possible!
  • The IST or initial strength test is a fitness test that is used as a screening if you are ready for boot camp. If you fail this your ship date gets delayed and you will have to wait longer until you get to be shipped out to boot camp.
  • This is difficult
  • We had discussed a lot about my future, we often do. It excites me to hear the possibilities and potential for my career. I felt proud, because I had crushed that IST. My ship date didn't change, but I have to keep it up. We have an IST every few months.
  • That's really cool that you want to do 0311 Elijah, I used to be 0331 when I was in the infantry. - Recruiter
  • Oh nice, I want to do 0311.
  • Back inside my cozy bedroom, I hop into 1st period skipping my 0 period, because I came home at 8:30 am. It was the first Friday of my senior year, and so far I am enjoying it 8/21/2020.