Unknown Story

Updated: 10/8/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Long time there were two families. The other one is rich and the other one is poor. The rich family is Nolbu and the poor family is Heungbu. And they are brothers.
  • One day, there was a bird whose wings was broken, so Heungbu help it. The bird gave Heungbu a seed. So he planted the seed on his backyard.
  • Heungbu planted the seeds. He waters it everyday. He waited and waited and waited.
  • The plant grew, and he open it . Inside the plant there are house, gold, and beautiful clothes.
  • Nolbu heard about the bird who gave his brother seeds. So he made a plant to make the bird sick. Nolbu break the birds leg and he also help it. Then the bird gave him a seed. And he went to plant the seed.
  • When the plant grew. Nolbu went to open but it didn't gave him gold or anything good. But instead the plant gave him a monster. And the plant exploded.