Literary Term Analysis - English 1 Honors - Jake Cornell
Updated: 1/9/2020
Literary Term Analysis - English 1 Honors - Jake Cornell
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  • Protagonist: Theo Foster
  • Antagonist: Parker Harris
  • Theme
  • Theo foster is the protagonist of this story. He is described as being good looking, determined, and smart; however, he can be very selfish and devoted to his beliefs. His perspective about his situation changes throughout the story. He goes through many struggles such as his dad dying, getting expelled, and his families struggle to keep up with payments. Through all of this Theo remains focused on his goal to clear his name and to continue to have a future.
  • Foreshadowing: "Wait a second. You terrified Jude with a spider becuase you knew he'd tell on you and get you kicked out [on purpose]" (277)
  • Hmmm...
  • I'm a genius
  • Parker Harris is a tall, strong and dynamic character who is the king of high school and the star quarterback for their championship-winning football team. These accomplishments come with a setback, steroids. Through being made to play football and being forced to use steroids for even more muscle. he acts out in an attempt to find a way out. This way is framing Theo for a picture he didn't really post, (which was a picture of him drunk). In the end, he gets what he wants and reveals the big scandal behind the football program. He and Theo are kind of rivals but not severe as in the end, they work together.
  • Imagery: “The sun, burning through the gazebo screen and into my face, has just lit my eyeballs on fire”(86).
  • Ugh!!!
  • The theme of Expelled by James Patterson is to never give up and always keep trying. You can see this by the actions of Theo throughout the entire book. Bad breaks and events keep happening to him like being framed, his dad dying, and his mom always working. But through all of that, he keeps trying to clear his name and never gives up. Even when he doubts himself, he gets back up and starts working. The theme is greatly explained and defined with the use of his actions.
  • Symbolism: Mom: "Someone wants to buy the property." Theo: "you can't sell it! ... If the property gets sold, what do I have left? (209-210)
  • Don't Sell It!!!
  • We have to.
  • The author creates foreshadowing here to create the idea of how someone could get in trouble on purpose to get kicked out. By reading the story it is clear that the only person this could apply to would happen to be Parker Harris. Readers than understand what will happen next through the use of foreshadowing to conclude that Parker Harris got himself expelled and that Theo was just collateral damage.
  • This opening to the chapter has the use of imagery as the exaggerated wording can make you feel like what the author is describing. When said that the sun sets his eyeballs on fire it creates the image of you being like this and shows how miserable he starts his soon to be an awful day. This usage is incorporated well to start a day for Theo that just keeps getting worse.
  • In this scene, they are talking about packing out the dead dad's old stuff. The conversation of selling their other house (their dream house) is brought up. When brought up, Theo gets very emotional because the house represents his father. They had worked on it together and it means something deeply special to him. He goes there when he is upset just like someone would with their father. The house simply represents his father and this event is like getting rid of the last piece of him that Theo has left.
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