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Of mice and men
Updated: 11/18/2020
Of mice and men
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  • Leaving Weed
  • Come on Lennie we need to get out of here
  • o-okay George
  • Going to the Ranch
  • Lennie if things go wrong just come back here ok?
  • Ok George I will.
  • Talking to the boss
  • No we....are cousins.
  • Why are you travelling together, are you stealing his pay?
  • They needed to leave weed because Lennie touched a women's dress
  • Candy's dog
  • the dogs old and smelly it's better to get rid of him.
  • George and Lennie are camping on Salinas riverbank and are getting ready to get work at the ranch and George is asking Lennie to come back to camp if anything goes wrong because he doesn't want a repeat of weed
  • Sharing the dream
  • Our dream is too buy a farm where we can keep rabbits!
  • If you like I have some money I have saved up I can share with you if you bring me along.
  • The boss asks them this because in this time period nobody really traveled together, most people who travel together are stealing money from the person they travel with.
  • Crooks meets Lennie
  • But.....
  • Get out of here! I decide who enters here
  • This scene shows that like his own dog Candy is old and in this time period may get fired because of it and he we be able to do anything about it.
  • You don't need to kill him.
  • From telling Candy their dream, Candy gained a bit of hope and wanted to join in the dream, he wants to do this because he's old and once he gets too old he'll be fired so he wants to secure a safe postilion in life
  • Crooks is a man of color who lives separately from the other ranch hands and he doesn't let anyone go into where he lives, he gets to make where he lives exactly what he wants.
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