Updated: 11/9/2018
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  • 1st amendment ,freedom of the press
  • that doesn't help duck
  • hold on uncle sam! i know your steamed, but the government cannot control the media
  • 1st amendment, freedom of petition 
  • hey get a loa of all those sighnatures
  • yeah... hes exercising his right to pation
  • 3rd amendment, right not to quarter soldlers
  • doesn't the bill of rights protect us from this sort to thing
  • how dare he do this
  • 2nd amendment, right to bear arms
  • Ralph, ididn't know you were a "gunslinger"
  • i'm not, but i hav ethe right to protect my home
  • 4th amendment , freedom from unreasonable serch and seizure
  • ok...sure i will get one ...mmhhmm
  • but you can't search my with out a warrent
  • 9th amendment, constitutional rights do not deny other rights
  • where does it say you can work crossword puzzles in the park
  • read amendment 9
  • sound... constitutional... to me.
  • oh snap
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