World History
Updated: 1/24/2020
World History
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  • Why hello sir Isaac Newton
  • Hello Robert Boyle, known for discovering the elements
  • Hello MarieHello Louis
  • How have you been Isaac?
  • Good, just discovering the laws of gravity and stuff.
  • Pretty good, I just did a few experiments and found a few natural elements and compounds
  • How have you been Robert?
  • How are you Louis?
  • Great, I disvoered that heat kills germs which could help a lot of people not get sick.
  • Isaac: Hello Marie, hello Louis Marie: Hello IsaacLouis: HelloIsaac: How are you Marie? Marie: Good, just using radioactivity to save lives
  • Marie and Louis: Hey Robert it's been awhile.Robert: Ya it has, I've heard about all the good stuff you guys are doing for the future, Marie your radioactivity machines are gonna help a lot of people some day and Louis what you discovered about heat killing germs is gonna prevent a lot of people from getting sick
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