Updated: 3/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • We have come from the Netherlands, let's settle here the Romans are already gone
  • Let´s go slave
  • First of all I am the king, then you the earls my loyalists, second you thegns feel free to choose your slaves, then you free peasants and the working peasants, lastly you slaves, out!
  • Yes
  • New invaders are approaching we are an easy target, warn the king and the others, we will reinforce defenses and we will give weapons to our warriors
  • Let's make a few helmets for our warriors with these Persian jewels and goldswe hope they are not lost and their value does not increase in the future
  • Yes King Oswald!
  • Go and evangelize everyone in the other missionary kingdoms, everyone must know the true human behavior and stop sacrificing animals!
  • After the death of our last King Edward and the division of the monastery we have decided to bury his remains here, rest our king, rest in peace
  • By: David Zavalija Rivera