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Part two
Updated: 10/17/2020
Part two
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  • Conventions of 1832-1833
  • He’s too faithful to the Mexican government. With him, we’ll never get our way!😡
  • Stephen F. Austin needs to bring this news to the Mexican government!
  • The Arrest of Stephen F. Austin (1834)
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Mexico! Give Texans their independence! I don’t deserve to be in jail!
  • The Consultation 1824-1825
  • What goes on in this guy’s head!?🙄
  • I want Texas to be independent, I no longer want to live under Mexico’s rule rule!🙃
  • Texas lists grievances against the Mexican government. Texans wish to be an independent country separated from Mexico, they want to resume immigration from the US, and they wanted an exemption from import duties for 3 years. Texans nominate Stephen F Austin to lead the convection Santa Anna also becomes president. This could cause tension because Texans didn’t receive what they asked for, such as freedom and immigration from the USA.
  • When Stephen F Austin was elected to try and gain independence for Texas, he got frustrated with Santa Anna and the Mexican government. He decides to write a letter to inform Texas to set up a new government, despite the fact that he didn’t get permission from Mexico to do so. The letter ends up coming to Santa Anna and he becomes incredibly angry. Santa Anna then arrests Austin for Treason. This could cause tension because Austin was loyal to the Mexican government but now being in jail, not so much. This also makes Texas seem untrustworthy in the eyes of the Mexican government.
  • Texans come together to figure out their next move. Stay with the Mexican Government, or become independent. There are two parties, Peace Party, and War Party. The War Party wants independence for Texas, and the Peace Party wants to stay with the Mexican Government to honor the Constitution of 1824. This could cause tension because now Texas is split up, and since some Texans at this time want independence this could make the Mexican government infuriated.
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