Updated: 8/29/2021

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  • Peter Jasper Catchphrases
  • You're not here to enjoy yourself!
  • Is it time for a pint yet??
  • Grab the tenor, I know it's your FAVOURITE bell!
  • No-one else is going to go wrong, they're all absolutely perfect!
  • Pull your backstrokes through! Remember: work done = force x distance!
  • Ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum!
  • Pop goes the wea-sel!
  • Sing-Along Call Changes
  • BBYR Practices
  • What about you girls?
  • Boys - what would you like to ring?
  • Perhaps a quick peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor?
  • Umm... maybe just rounds?
  • Lily being "vertically challenged"
  • Do you think I'll be able to reach the tail end now?
  • Cordelia taking half the practice to ring up a bell
  • Have you tried pulling hard?
  • The best part - PUB TIME!!
  • Right - you need to know how to down a pint!
  • What's the latest relationship gossip??
  • Anyone fancy some handbells...?