Book Project 2
Updated: 12/3/2020
Book Project 2

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  • Cracked up to beBy: Courtney Summers
  • "You already know this, but I think it bears repeating: no cutting, no missed days, no exceptions. You will complete your. homework and you will hand it in when it's due. Off-campus lunch privileges are suspended until you can prove. to us tat you're trustworthy again and-"~Page 4~
  • "But what f I wake up one morning and I can't stop vomiting or I'm hemorrhaging Orr something? Do I still have go to school?"~Page 5~
  • Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey!
  • Flashback: Parker (the main character) used to be super popular until she got drunk at a party. Parker's best friend, Jessie breakup with her boyfriend and tried to make him jealous by hanging out with college boys. Jessie goes missing that night and everyone thinks she ran away, but she didn't and Parker is the only on who really knows what happened.
  • "She thought I was calling to beg to come back home. It didn't go so well when she found out I wasn't"~Page 183~
  • "So I called my mom."~Page 183~
  • "What happened"~Page 183~
  • "That sucks"Page 183
  • What parker saw at the party really ruined her, mostly because she didn't tell anyone the truth about Jessie. She then turned to pushing people away, drinking, and even trying to overdose. Now, Parker's parents hav hearer meet eighth guidance counselor every Friday. After this Friday, her parents allow her to get a dog.
  • "She ran away"~Page 206~
  • "But she wasn't supposed to- she said that she was going to run away and now she's-"~Page 206~
  • "She didn't run away!"~Page 206~
  • "She was in the woods. She was with-. No, you're right. She ran away"~Page 206~
  • Parker was taking her dog on a walk, but she was distracted because she was passing her ex-boyfriend, Chris's house and Chis was with Jake, the kid that likes her. An engine backfired and scared her dog so he ran out into the street. Parker blames herself because she wasn't holding the leash tight enough.
  • "It wouldn't have made a difference"~Page 217~
  • "I ran it through my head every single f-ing day, trying to figure out-and there was a...There was a group of college guys; they crashed it. And Jessie was all over them to get back at me."~Page 217~
  • "What"~Page 217~
  • "You don't know that"~Page 217~
  • Somedays after her dog dies, she is sitting in art class with Jake. They start having a conversation when Jake says that he hates death. He also brings up his mom who divorced his dad. His mom wanted him to live with her, and he instead went with his dad and he has been scared to talk to her for a long time until now.
  • The school finds out that Jessie is officially dead, and Parker gets really stressed out. She still hasn't told anyone what really happened the night of the party. Then, Evan (Jessie's Ex) walks out, and he's distraught. Parker is frustrated and snaps at Even. She ends up telling him everything and Even gets pissed so he pushes Parker to the ground.
  • "Parker, who was she with"~Page 206~
  • A while after the argument between Evan and Parker, Jessie's memorial at school takes place. Parker stands outside the door because she can't find it in her self to go inside. Then, Evan comes up to her and they get annoyed with each other, but right as Parker is about to go inside he says that even if Parker stopped Jessie, it wouldn't have made a difference. The cops thought that jessie was dead by the end of the night anyway.
  • "You couldn't have changed anything"~Page 217~