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Updated: 11/16/2017
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  • Ahhh who are you?
  • I am your ningia protector to protect you from making bad money choices, I shall help you invest your money and make good money trade choices! LETS GO
  • The fancy one because it had a cool wrapper
  • Time for your first lesson, should you pick the expensive designer candy of the cheap store brand candy? Now remember they are exactly the same 
  • Wrong they are exactly the same on the inside and the store one is five dollars cheaper not even including tax and price markups
  • I heard that you want to move out soon so lets talk about taxes, taxes are bill that you pay at the end of each year based on your job and if your married and your home
  • That sounds like a bit to much work im not doing that
  • And its a bit to illegal not to
  • So I can earn money by doing nothing and put in the money I earn and earn more money by giving people my money... COOOL
  • So we are now outside the bank, we should set you up a bank account so you can get interest on your money and a good credit score, also you can invest your money in businesses you think are doing well 
  • So I guess you are now ready to live on your own but remember what a good price for something is and if its worth it or not. and dont forget to pay your taxes
  • Thank you and I will remember, and I have learned my lesson about price fluctuation and taxes. 
  • The End
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