the outsiders
Updated: 6/12/2020
the outsiders
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  • I-I killed him Pony. I killed the soc. They were drowning you so.. I killed him
  • I think I'm going to be sick.
  • Johnny, Pony come back!!
  • Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally meet two girl Socs, Cherry and Marcia. Dally was harrasing Cherry but Johnny said enough. Dally left and then Johnny and Ponyboy were talking to the two girls all night.
  • Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold.
  • The Socs found out that the greasers were with there girls, so they went to attack them. Ponyboy was getting drowned, so Johnny killed Bob. They went to talk to Dally and he said take the train to Windrixville and stay there.
  • The two boys were in Windrixville for about a week, until Dally came. They went to go get food, and the church they were staying in set on fire, while there were children in there. Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally all went into save them. While Ponyboy and Dally came out with minor injuries, Johnny was badly burned and injured.
  • Johnny, Pony, and Dally were all brought to the hospital. Johnny was in critical condition, and sadly died. His last words were "Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold." Dally was super upset because Johnny was the only thing he ever loved.
  • Johnny?
  • No Johnny. Gosh Dangit Johnny. Don't die on me now.
  • Dally planned a suicide by robbing a store and holding the shop owner at gunpoint. He was shot and died after.
  • We then find out at the end of the story that Ponyboy wrote "The Outsiders" for a school project.
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