The Kidnapper

Updated: 3/4/2021
The Kidnapper

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  • Monae, a 17 year old girl, was walking home from her job at Walmart. It was just down the street so she didnt mind walking home at night.
  • But on this night, it was raining and something felt odd. She noticed a man had been following her since she left her job. Her phone was dead so she couldn't call for help. She was still 6 minutes from her house.
  • The man approaches and grabs her and she lets out a scream. He covers her mouth and tells her to be quiet. When she kept struggling he hit her
  • You're coming with me
  • Be quiet!
  • A middle aged man named Nate who lived near by hears all the noise and went to see what was going on
  • Nate sees that Monae is in danger. He runs in immediately and attacks the man holding her.
  • He punched him and he falls on the floor. He helps Monae and then calls the police
  • Why is a girl screaming so late?
  • The police arrive and the man, who is later identified as Robert Getty, was arrested for battery, attempted abduction and more charges he was later identified for.
  • Thank you! You saved me
  • You're welcome. Let's get you home. You shouldn't walk by yourself at night anymore
  • Monae no longer walks by herself at night. She learned from her mistake and gets a ride. She also checks up on Nate occasionally.
  • Robert was sentenced to 36 years in prison.