Camp Horizon

Updated: 10/15/2020
Camp Horizon

Storyboard Text

  • No sweetie your sister just woke up and needs to be changed and fed.
  • Mom now can you come watch me play outside?
  • You never have time for me anymore. I never get to do anything fun because of the new baby!
  • I am trying my best Johnny if only you knew.
  • A full-time working mom is trying to balance a newborn and an active eight year old son.
  • I did a lot of research and think this would be a great opportunity for James.
  • I think so too, he will be able to be independent and meet new people doing fun, exciting activities.
  • Johnny confronts her for her lack of attention and time for him. He is very upset and Sherri (Mom) is very discouraged by the words of James.
  • Mom where are you and dad taking me?
  • A place where you will meet new friends, play outside, and create life long memories.
  • Later that evening, Sherri remembers a summer camp another neighborhood mom mentioned. She does some research and is ecstatic when she reads more about Camp Horizons.
  • Mom! I missed you so much! I had so much fun, I made so many friends and learned fun new games! Can I go next year?
  • Sherri waits for her husband, James, she explains what Johnny said to her today. She provides a solution for the problem which is Camp Horizon.
  • The next morning, Johnny comes downstairs to his parents telling him to pack his things they were taking him somewhere awesome.
  • James picks up Johnny from Camp Horizons and they arrive home. Johnny then explains his experience to his mom.
  • I missed you Johnny! Of course you can go back next year.