Updated: 6/8/2020

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  • Hi Elena! How are you? Did you study for today´s math exam?
  • Hello bonnie! I study but almost nothing. If I had had more time I would have studied more.
  • I talk to her few minutes ago and she told me that she wasnt feeling well.
  • Do you know anything about Caroline? The test is about to begin!
  • Bye Elena, see you at the party tonight!!!!
  • Goodbye matt. I still don't know if I'm going to the party because I have to talk to Damon about something important .
  • I'm already opening you elena, I was finishing cooking.
  • He told me he was going to be in his house at this hour
  • Damon are you at home?
  • a few minutes after many talks
  • then I don't know if we should stay together, it's already done us a lot of damage
  • but deamon we love each other, and as much as this agree that we do us much harm, I don't think I can love anyone the way I love you.
  • You are right Elena, sorry, I love you and i will never stop loving you.
  • Me too, always together, Deamon.