Lab Comic

Updated: 8/18/2021
Lab Comic

Storyboard Text

  • One afternoon in the science lab...
  • We'll try
  • We should be careful, since we're working with flames
  • Soon will and jessie started talking about stuff, and they didn't notice the flame tipped over onto the notebook paper.
  • Hey do you remember that one time where...
  • I do! It was so funny
  • OH NO! I didn't notice there was notebook paper there!
  • And instead of trying to inform the nearest teacher, they both ran out the lab as quick as they could to not get caught...
  • Let's just get out, so we don't get caught!!
  • Then pretty soon the whole school caught on fire because Will and Jessie weren't being careful with an open flame near notebook paper, and they failed to notify a teacher, and instead ran away to not get caught. THAT WAS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO DO!