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Updated: 9/11/2020
English Storyboard

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  • Hey Teni, your father and I decided that we should all move to the United States...
  • I don't want to move! I'll lose all my friends.
  • Are you excited to be starting a new school and making new friends?
  • I want to stay in Angola with my friends. I DON'T WANT TO CHANGE SCHOOLS.
  • It was terrible! I didn't understand anything the teachers were teaching.
  • Maybe you will have to go to tutorials and play catch up with the class.
  • How was your first day of school sweetheart?
  • That makes soo much more sense. Thank you so much!
  • 5 weeks of tutorials later...
  • ...and that is why x is equal to -1/5.
  • I got a 96 on my algebra test today!
  • I'm so proud of you hunny!
  • Next up is Teni Olumide. She has made A honor roll.