War of 1812 Storyboard
Updated: 2/13/2021
War of 1812 Storyboard

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  • Causes of the War
  • Trouble with Native Americans
  • Land Battles
  • The main cause of the war was because Great Britain was not respecting America by restricting them to trade. They used ships to stop America from trading with other lands. So America made an agreement, yet their was still commotion in the sea. This angered Madison a lot.
  • Sea Battles
  • Trouble started to arouse with the Indians because there were lots of settlers pushing them out of their lands. To stop these settlers, a battle broke out between the two. The Natives had lost against the settlers. This is when they had found out the Natives had British guns.
  • The Battle of New Orleans
  • Each of the sides were very strong fighting it out. While the U.S. attempted to cross into Canada, the British forces held them off. The British also made their attacks, one against the White House and another in Baltimore, Maryland. This lasted through 1812, 1813, and 1814.
  • Results of the War
  • A U.S. fleet was able to take down a naval force and kill their leader. They were also able to take down Napoleon. This gave them an Advantage at seas. That was until Britain sent out thousands of ships across the Atlantic.
  • The Battle of New Orleans started out with 7,500 British troops marching into battle. What they didn't know was that the two sides had already signed a peace treaty and it took long to spread the news. However, the Americans still had one the battle. With this ended, it had rapped up the war.
  • With this treaty, the war had ended. Both sides had claimed to have won, but neither of them did. The U.S. felt that they gained a lot of respect out of this. The Natives had extremely weakened resistance and were kicked out of there land.