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Updated: 2/12/2020
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  • Exposition-Cunningham
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • Micheal and his family are at a nazi dinner. They were looking for a secret in the house because they're spies. Micheal intentionally spills juice on himself and left the dining room. instead of going to the bathroom he went upstairs to a study room and ford the cornets for a nazi factory. He was almost caught but his mom came to the rescue and framed the butler and left.
  • climax
  • The conflict of the sory is during a Hitler youth mission. Micheal and his group were assigned to find a British airman. Micheal found him and had to keep the other Hitler youth members from finding him. After they went over a hill he brought to airmen back to the barn and hid him in a haystack. he and his parents would save the airmen later that night
  • falling action
  • The rising action of the story is during one of Michael's classes. He was sitting next to a boy named fritz who he was friends with. During class, fritz pulled out some blueprints that contained jet fighter planes. These planes would outclass any British plane and could change the tide of the war.
  • resoulution
  • STOP!!!
  • The climax of the story was when Micheal turned in his parents and Simon the airmen. He did this to get on an assassination team meant to take out a man who worked on the atomic bomb project. his name was professor goldsmit. His parents got away but Simon was shot and killed.
  • The falling action for Project 1065 is when micheal saves Profesor goldsmit. He almost gets away but fritz jumps on his ski lift and plants a bomb. Micheal and fritz start fighting but an avalanch comes buy. Micheal could hold on the the metal bar in the middle of the cart but fritz could't. They safley made it to the ground.
  • Micheal safely returns to London where he gets to finally see his parents again. Then he was told he isn't allowed to tell anyone about what he saw. And finally he redrew the plans for project 1065.