sperm journey grade 9 ella langley
Updated: 1/5/2021
sperm journey grade 9 ella langley

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  • vagina
  • wow there are a lot of us isnt there
  • i wouldbt be so sure of that, lets just see if we can find out way through.
  • yes, and we are all hoping to get to the egg, i think Ill get there first
  • i think he died, we just have to worry about getting through the mucus ahead.
  • cervix
  • what happened to that other dude we were with
  • what is happening? what are we being attacked by? which tube is the right one
  • uterus
  • these are white blood cells, and they are trying to protect the fallopina tube, and there should be some force that will push us to the right one.,
  • about 250 million sperm enter the vagina, 99 percent die within thirty minutes.
  • uterotubal junction
  • they are still following us. what is next.
  • we have to find the corrrect door, and hope that we both posses the needed traits, and were made right.
  • the 60,000 remaining sperm must find there way through the cervix, which is usually plugged with mucus, to block pathogens, but during ovulation, that border softens allowing the sperm to get through
  • Fallopian tube
  • well life is not fair and I got here first. you probably wont even be let through the door.
  • about three thousand sperm remain and they must navigate through the Fallopian tube, while being attacked by leukocytes. muscular contractions help the sperm find the right tube to go down to find the egg, but some still don't get to the right one.
  • fertilization
  • seems like he wasnt let in. Ah, the egg. let he join them.
  • once you have joined me I will accept no one other, please come join me.
  • the remaining sperm, once they have gotten into the correct Fallopian tube, they must find the doorway to the egg, and if they do, they must posses certain traits, to get through.
  • your going to get there first, after all of the work I have done thats not fair
  • about ten to thirty sperm remain, and once they find safety in the tube, they are no longer being attacked by the white blood cells, and they can live here for days until an egg appears.
  • once the egg is released, it can only live for 24 hours so the sperm race to get united with the egg, but only one gets too, and once it does, the egg puts up a strong barrier so nothing else can get in, then it will travel down the tube and implant itself to begin growing into a baby
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