Trojan Horse

Updated: 6/15/2020
Trojan Horse

Storyboard Text

  • Wow look at this sick deal on this game that just came out!
  • Wait... it's free?!!
  • Whoa! Who are you?
  • I wouldn't fall for that if I were you kiddo
  • I'm Anti-Mal Man, and I'm here to say that that is no deal my friend
  • What you have there is a Trojan Horse. It may look like an awesome file, but it may be dangerous.
  • Oh I'm Kyle. What do you mean?
  • Trojan Horses are viruses that attack your device when it's vulnerable. You can tell your device is infected when it's as if someone else is controlling your files, and even trying to scam you.
  • It's capable of taking over your phone, and the person who sent it can even see what you're doing on your it!
  • Ohhh man, that doesn't sound too good