Dominique Quintana-The world under the turtles back Reading storyborard-
Updated: 11/20/2020
Dominique Quintana-The world under the turtles back Reading storyborard-

Storyboard Text

  • IN the beginning there was a sky world!!
  • The woman ended up taking bits and roots from the GREATTREE, and she decided it would be best to plant those roots onto the land.
  • The woman in the sky world demanded roots from the special GREAT TREE< it was dangerous and her husband didn't like the ideas she ended up discovering the ocean world below. she ended up falling through a hole, and the birds from above had to help her.
  • Great turtle, please help the poor women and her baby!! and help take her safely to the land in the ocean!!
  • The sea animals when to search for dirt at the bottom of the ocean, although never being there, one brave sea creature-the musk rat left and sadly came back dead. Fortunately, bringing a tiny piece of earth hanging form his paw.
  • The woman gave birth to her daughter and thus after time, her daughter was gifted with two twin babies, thus all children were born.
  • The woman's daughter gave birth to her twins, and sadly died. The left handed twin was the cause of death because he was born through the mothers armpit. These brothers though blamed each other for years because they thought only one was to blame for their mothers death. And from her grave, grew the plants which their people still use. Corn, beans. and Tabaco. their people honored her and sang to her as a form of respect.
  • The twins continued living as rivals, one was known as the noble and honest one who helped feed and make goods for his people, and the other only did what he though would beat his brother. He made medicines, for good and for evil. the right handed man made MAN, Each twin has a big part in making Man, although it still remains a mystery as to who exactly was to create which thing. The left and right handed twin built balance in the world creating animals of all kinds.
  • The left handed brother is killed by his twin, after a very dangerous dual between the two.
  • When the sun rises, the people are in the daylight realm of the Right handed(good twin),but when the sun slips at night fall, the people are again in the domain of the right handed twin-the fearful realm of night.