Mohmoud's story
Updated: 1/28/2021
Mohmoud's story

Storyboard Text

  • Mahmoud and his family had been travailing for awhile. And they finally made it to Turkey!
  • "I found A man who can get us from Turkey to Greece."
  • "A smuggler"
  • Mohmoud's dad tried to find a boat that would take them to Greece, but the boat was filled with families like them so sadly there was no boat for them. They then went to a park...
  • Mohmoud's family were using the building without permission for a place to stay but the people wanted for his family to pay money. Mohmoud asked a driver to help their family. He was very kind and willing to help.
  • Do you want to buy tissues, life jackets, water, phone charger?
  • I know a place but it will cost for two thousand Syrian pounds or twenty-five Turkish lira. But do not worry.
  • I...mean we do need a place to stay for the night.
  • Samih Nasseer dropped Mohmoud's family off at the docks as the boat was finally there. This is where the refugee family started the next part of their journey to a new place. Hopefully better.
  • Oh okay! We are here.
  • SHOP
  • "You leave tomorrow? On a boat? You will need life jackets because you do not want to drown. The boat could also flip.
  • These life jackets are important because the boat could get wrecked by the rocks.
  • Thank you. It is just for one night.
  • Our boat won't flip..hopefully.
  • Alright. Were do we buy life vest?
  • Let just go back to the shop before it gets taken by other people. We need a place to stay.
  • I just got a text from the smuggler that says, There is not going to be a boat tomorrow.
  • I don’t even care if we die, I just want to get out of here, lets go back to syria!
  • I received a text from the smuggler and he says the boat is here..
  • My house is very small for a big family like you there wouldn't be enough space.
  • We really need a place to stay.
  • I would be happy to take you to the docks. If there is not a boat, you can most definitely come and stay at my car dealership.
  • My name is Samih Nasseer