Bill to Law
Updated: 2/10/2021
Bill to Law

Storyboard Text

  • Did you hear that we are going to be debating and voting on that new bill today?
  • Yeah, I heard that. The debate should be interesting.
  • Members of the House. I propose a new bill to stop people from using the slandering term, boneless chicken wings.
  • "Boneless Chicken Wings" are just plain chicken nuggets. We must stop our kids from using false names when referring to meat!
  • I disagree! People should have a right to call chicken what ever they want.
  • We should just vote. All in favor?
  • AYE!!!
  • All who oppose?
  • No!
  • Well, now that the bill has been passed, it will move on to the Senate and maybe even the President.
  • I'm not sure the bill will get very far. It was pretty far fetched!