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The Outsiders
Updated: 8/19/2020
The Outsiders
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  • Chapter 1: Ponyboy is walking home from the movie house alone, and he gets jumped by the Socs.
  • Soda! Darry! HELP!!!
  • Shut him up, for Pete's sake, shut him up!
  • Need a haricut Greaser?
  • Chapter 3: Johny, Ponyboy, and Two-Bit are walking home Cherry and Marcia when they get pulled up by a blue Mustang.
  • We ain't scared of them.
  • Listen, greasers, we got four more of us in the back seat.
  • Chapter 4: Bob was drowning Ponyboy in the fountain, but then, Johny pulled out his switch-blade and killed him.
  • Johny, I think I'm gonna be sick.
  • I killed him, I killed that boy.
  • Chapter 5: Johny and Ponyboy went to the church like Dally. Johny went to go get supplies to survive.
  • Come on inside. Dally told us to stay inside.
  • Chapter 6: Johny and Ponyboy went to save the kids in the burning church. When they tried to get out, a piece of the church fell on Johny.
  • Get out!AHHHHH!!!!!
  • Chapter 9: After the rumble, Ponyboy and Dally went to see Johny. While they talked to him, because of his injuries, he died.
  • Oh, damnit, Johny, don't die, please dont die...
  • Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold.
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