beth gets asked for a cigarette

Updated: 9/10/2020
beth gets asked for a cigarette

Storyboard Text

  • do you want a cigarette Beth?
  • Good choices she could make
  • She could say no thank you i'm not allowed to smoke
  • She could say we are to young to smoke
  • If we smoke then we could get in a lot of trouble
  • Bad choices she could make
  • Can get sick after it
  • Get into massive trouble and there would be consequences
  • had a smoke
  • when getting pressured into doing something speak to someone you trust
  • 5 tips of following conscience
  • when you feel like something is not right stop and think on how you can make the right choice and decision in that situation
  • you follow what your heart, brain, and stomach is telling you what to do
  • when you have made the wrong choice or decision speak to god or pray to him
  • Make your own choices and decisions not other people make them for you