Story 1
Updated: 2/22/2021
Story 1

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  • 1
  • One day Zahra was heading towards the playground to play on the swings with her friends.
  • Hi I'm Zahra. I love the swings!
  • 2
  • Hi Feran! Let's play on the swings together!
  • When Zahra got to the swings she saw her friend Feran there. She asked if he wanted to play on the swings with her.
  • Sure!
  • 3
  • Zahra and Feran we're having so much fun until...
  • I want to swing even higher!
  • 4
  • Feran stood up on his swing and started to swing higher and higher.
  • Oh no! That's not safe!
  • Look at me! I'm swinging so much higher than you!
  • 5
  • Zahra was worried that if Feran kept swinging he would fall and hurt himself.
  • What if he falls off?What if he hurts himself?
  • 6
  • What could Zahra say to Feran in this situation?