Scientific revolution
Updated: 10/15/2018
Scientific revolution
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  • Francis B.
  • Your honor, i can confirm that this man is guilty
  • Galileo Galilei
  • This planet seems to be rotating
  • Newton
  • Gravity and motion?
  • Francis Bacon was a philosopher, statesman, a Lawyer, and master in the english tongue known and remembered in literary terms for sharp worldly wisdom of few dosen of essays and his power of his speaking in the parliament and infamous trials. He'd claim all his knowledges and province to advocated new ways which might establish legitimate command over nature.
  • Copernicus
  • planets rotate around the sun, this is an interesting theory
  • Galileo studied physics, mathematics, and astronomy, in 1604 he built his first telescope, He discovered the four moons of jupiter and experimented with his telescope with concerning motion and observed space with his telescope, he discovered the planets rotation around the sun
  • The Church and science
  • This scientific method doesn't apply to our rules
  • Issac newton was a Mathematician and english Physicist who discovered the newtons laws of motion and was the original discover for the infinitesimal Calculus. He Discovered the composition of white light phenomena of colors into the science of light.
  • The Church and science pt:2
  • follow our rules or face punishment!
  • He was a polish astronomer who had proposed that the planets were fixated around the sun in motion that they rotate around it. This was known as the Heliocentric theory or the Copernicus theory that had important thinkers in the scientific revolution. Between 1508 and 1514 his main idea hit up and during those years wrote a manuscript called Commentariolus.
  • During this scientific revolution had great conflict between the Church. The Church believed that the Bible interpreted by the Roman Catholic Church served as the authority for society to the rise of science. The teachings were based of the Churches teachings which was based off faith and revelation. The teachings of the scientfic method were called into question.
  • Lets call in these scientits for question
  • The scientists were called into question and renounced to stop their teachings or they would be excommunicated. Galileo ended up being put on house arrest by the church due to his challenges. They threaten him and disprove his teachings by saying that the bible disprove and they would torture if he disagreed.
  • Ok fine ill stop my teachings
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