James is awsome
Updated: 2/24/2021
James is awsome

Storyboard Text

  • I am the most famous explorer in the pacific
  • Whatever man.
  • OOOOOlala
  • I'm going to make friends soon I sense it.
  • I'm glad we made friends with you.
  • Me too
  • James Cook became the most famous explorer of the pacific.
  • On James cooks third voyage he went on to search for a mythical island so he sailed between Alaska and Russia and into the Hawaiian islands and found this.
  • And then he met the Indians that lived on the island and made friends with them.
  • But little did he know that they would steal from him for supplies.
  • So James cook would take someone from there tribe and will not release them until the thief gave in and returned the things they stole.
  • But they kept doing it anyway.So one day James cook tried to take the elder leader but then they attacked him and his crew.