Jamestown storyboard
Updated: 10/26/2020
Jamestown storyboard

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  • In 1607 a group of English men wanted to be more wealthy and find more gold and silver and came to Virginia.
  • James Smith returns to England injured, while James was gone things had gotten worse and when he came back and the first thing was that he James refused to give his people food because the English settlers had run out of there food really fast. 
  • I don't know how someone can live in such a swampy area where insects thrive in such warm weather during the summer time 
  • Yeah I hope people don't die from Malaria
  • The people did not want to work hard or grow their crops; they had the Natives do the work.
  • Working is so hard and we work our butts off. Can you lend us some food”?
  • We work hard to get stuff done as well . We are not going to lend you all the food that you need because we need some for ourselves as well”.
  • The conditions in Jamestown were extremely bad as well as poorly led, John Smith had made some new tough rules like ‘’ He who works not, eats not”.
  • Since Smith left us conditions are becoming horrid .”
  • Yes, we need Smith to come back and feed us for those who work “.
  • I refuse to give you food the English settlers need it more they have ran out of food
  • “ But you can't split the food those that have worked hard haven't got any food “.
  • “ Yeah the people that work hard did not get any food it's unfair “.
  • During the hard times Virginia's company did not give up, it had continued to send new colonists and offer free land and the measures would not have succeeded if those colonists did not find a dependable source of income to sustain the colony.
  • “ We work hard for the old colonists to stay while the new colonists go and offer free lands “.
  • “ Yes, but people aren't being interested in free land anymore there becoming to be interested in smoking and tobacco “.
  • A Dutch ship was arriving in Virginia from the west Indies and on the ship were 20 Africans to go be slaves in Virginia.
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