cel theory
Updated: 4/7/2021
cel theory

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Theodar Schwann. My friend Schleidan told me how plants were made out of cells. Curious, I decided to look at animal tissues.
  • My friend Schleidan and I worked together and discovered that all animals and plants are made up of cells. 
  • Thank you great scientist! Im off to my last trip!
  • All of this science information is overwhelming and Im running out of time! Got to move fast and learn quick!
  • Please help we learn the cell theory quick! Im running out of time!!
  • Haha! My name is Rudolf Virchow, and I found out that cells come from pre existing cells, they don't just show up!
  • Thank you so much! I think i'm ready for Ms. Orlovsky's science test!!
  • So to summarize for you young lady, The cell theory is based off of that, Cells are the basic unit of life, all cells come from pre existing cells, and that all living organisms are made up of cells
  • Im scared for the test! But I remember the cell theory and I think I will do good! Wish me luck