demeter and persephone
Updated: 6/10/2020
demeter and persephone
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  • a long time ago there lived demeter and persephone. demeter was persephone's mom and she loved her so. persephone was very beautiful, no mortal could resist her.
  • one day, persephone caught the eye of the god of the underworld, hades, so he invited her into the under world where she ate six pomegranate seeds, and everyone knows if you eat something in the underworld you have to stay there forever.
  • since demeter is the goddess of the harvest the weather will change and the crops will die, so zeus set up a deal with hades where persephone stayed with him for six months and she stayed with her mom for the other six.
  • me explaining the theme: "this skit was designed to explain the theme of demeter and persephone which is any problem can be solved with a compromise.(not actually every problem but most)."
  • malia: "and my sister imani was here to support." imani: "hi!"
  • malia: "anyway this is as far as my cells can go so good bye!"*high five noise*
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