Romeo and Juliet Storyboard
Updated: 5/2/2020
Romeo and Juliet Storyboard

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  • I, the Prince, command no more fighting in public!
  • It's the guest list for Lord Capulet's party...
  • Your lips are holy. Let me kiss 'em so that my prayers are answered.. *wink*
  • No worries, I'll take them back..
  • But now you've passed your sins on to me..
  • Should I make my presence known? I do love her and I would do as such.
  • Why must he be a Montague? I wish he would let go of that name, or at least love me enough that I leave my own..
  • Gee golly, I love flowers, plants, and herbs. They're like people
  • Hey Friar, I met this beautiful girl at a party last night. Can you marry us?
  • Romeo is waiting for you at Friar Laurence's! Tonight, I'll even leave a ladder out for him.
  • Oh that's good news, Nurse! But why did you have to stall? That's annoying.
  • Tybalt's running!
  • Curse those Capulets! Curse those Montagues!
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