Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • CHAPTER 1: Lev is arrested for looting the body of an ejected Luftwaffe pilot, ends up in prison
  • CHAPTER 5: This big giant guy told Kolya and lev that he had eggs and let them in his apartment. His apartment look suspicious and kolya told Lev to run!
  • CHAPTER 8: Kolya and Lev head for the roof and are shocked to see an actual chicken coop. Kolya knocks on the door guarding the chickens. He and Lev peek inside and see empty nesting boxes, a dead old man with an antique shotgun, and a boy wearing a woman's fur coat.
  • CHAPTER 9: Lev and Kolya find out that the chicken they got was a roster and roster don't lay eggs so they made themselves a soup with the roster.
  • CHAPTER 12: Kolya and Lev march through the woods outside of Leningrad. Lev and Kolya hear a howl and began to follow the the sound. Lev thinks they're coats, but realizes they're dead dogs. Hearing another howl, Lev and Kolya spot a sheepdog dragging itself across the field by its front legs.
  • CHAPTER 13: East of Berezovka, Lev and Kolya spot a farmhouse with lit windows and smoke coming out of the chimney. They see 4 girls inside