William the water droplet story.
Updated: 1/9/2020
William the water droplet story.
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Storyboard Text

  • Hello I am William the water droplet and I am sitting on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Wheeeee!!! Bye!!!
  • Hi again!
  • It is a hot sunny day in July and the sun warms the ocean turning me to gas.I rise into the sky. This process is called evaporation.
  • Oh no I'm sinking...
  • As the air rises it cools. The cool air condenses and form clouds. I rise into a cloud that is filled with other water droplets. This process is called condensation.
  • Nearly there!!!
  • As the water droplets grow they fall this is called precipitation. As I grow I fall down onto the ground with a splash.
  • That was fun let's do it again
  • .I then soak into the ground traveling through the soil. This is called infiltration.
  • I pass through the soil. This is called percolation. I am now groundwater.
  • I now flow into an ocean and once again the sun heat the ocean and I evaporate into the sky.The water cycle repeats.
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