romeo and juliet
Updated: 5/18/2020
romeo and juliet

Storyboard Text

  • "Romeo get out of here, the citizens are around and tybalt is dead dont stand there shocked. the prince will come so GET OUT OF THERE"
  • benvolio
  • "Tybalt was my nephew! take revenge for this murder by killing someone from the Montague family. Oh cousin, cousin!"
  • Over there Tybalt is lying dead. He killed your relative, brave Mercutio, and then young Romeo killed him.
  • lady capulet
  • "Where are the evil men who started this fight?"
  • prince
  • "Benvolio is part of the Montague family. His loyalties to the Montagues make him tell lies."
  • lord montague
  • "Not Romeo, Prince. He was Mercutio’s friend. His crime did justice’s job by taking Tybalt’s life."
  • "And for that crime, Romeo is hereby exiled from Verona. I’m involved in your rivalry"