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Afterlife Journey of an Egyptian
Updated: 8/28/2020
Afterlife Journey of an Egyptian
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Storyboard Description

This comic takes you through the basics of the afterlife journey for an Egyptian.

Storyboard Text

  • After a pharaoh dies, he (or she) is then buried after the mummification process and other burial rituals.
  • Pharaohs often times had pyramids built for when they die. The building would also include rooms for valuables and for other family member
  • A deceased person must make its way through the Underworld with the assistance of Anubis, fending off from dragons, serpents, and other reptiles.
  • Hi.
  • After Underworld, the deceased person must recite spells to get to the Hall of Osiris.
  • Abracadabra!
  • After waiting with many other people, the person will go in to receive judgement from Osiris. They must recite and testify 42 sins that they haven't done to the 42 members of the court. Their heart weighed against Ma'at.
  • I have not caused anyone to weep. I have not caused anyone pain. I have not...
  • Very true...
  • If that person passes the test, they then move on to everlasting peace. Many would find themselves back in an exact spot that resembles their earthly homes with their valuables and long lost pets that died years before.
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