Reunifying China: Fall of Han and Rise of Song Dynasty
Updated: 1/16/2020
Reunifying China: Fall of Han and Rise of Song Dynasty
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  • I should make everyone court officials go against the emperor an make him give up the throne.
  • Corruption in Government
  • I'm the one who should get more power ,since I'm a servant!
  • I shall tell the king lies about them and tell him to reward me!
  • The Yellow Turban Rebellion
  • We will fight for our position in society!
  • The emperor's servants have too much power! What about at us!
  • Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han
  • I am General Cao Cao, leader of the Wei kingdom.
  • I am Sun Quan, leader of the Wu kingdom.
  • I am Liu Bei leader of the Shu-Han kingdom.
  • The three groups: court official, servant, and bodyguard, are fighting over power.
  • Taizu's Reign
  • My dynasty shall last for hundreds of years and experience a golden age!
  • The peasants were not satisfied with their status in society, so they rebelled.
  • Civil Service Exam
  • Confucianism is so confusing!
  • Hopefully I do well! I need the job to support my family!
  • Farming tools such as the harrow makes farming more efficient!
  • The government was weakened after the war and generals and warlords took control of China, dividing it into three different kingdoms: Wei, We, and Shu-Han.
  • New Innovations & Tech.
  • Gunpower is very useful in battle. The crossbow is also really reliable.
  • Paper money is now the standardized currency. Movable printers were also made.
  • General Taizu seizes the throne and creates the Song dynasty after the five short-lived dynasties fell.
  • The civil exam system helped promote only the merited men from all classes to have a government position of wealth and power.
  • The Song dynasty made all sorts of achievements that improved people's lives.
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