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Updated: 3/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I hear by call out for a crusade
  • We won the battle!!!
  • WE have finally captured Edessa!
  • The pope Urban II calls out for a crusade.
  • We surrender!!
  • In 1098 the crusaders celebrated their first major victory.
  • WE WON!!!
  • When Muslims started to band together, they were able to fight back more effectively. In 1144, they captured Edessa, the capital of the northernmost crusader kingdom.
  • Surrender now!!!
  • In 1191, Richard's army forced the surrender of the Palestinian town of Acre. Then Richard fought his way toward Jerusalem, but his army was not strong enough to take the city.
  • None of the later Crusades succeeded in recapturing Jerusalem. This victory ended some 200 years of Christian kingdoms in the Holy Land