Updated: 2/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • How important is your appearance and attitude? to determine who you are in the world
  • A World without labels
  • Hello, my name is wendy ramos, I am claun , I am communicator, actress, I have been ambassador of the PERU brand, I am company workshops and claun
  • we are constantly cataloged, based on what we do and if we can "serve" them, when I say I am an actress, people react with oh! wow, I feel like a Persian god, because they label us with professions and material things
  • with the BOLAROJA Project, we seek to remind people who they were, because people with special aspects, are more framed in labels and their features build their business card
  • it's nice not to hold an image in front of the world, then get rid of all that armor generates tranquility, it's nice to see each other and realize that we're all valuable
  • let's look inside, because we're missing great people for cataloguing them or they're not what I expect, what I believe, "they're not like me."
  • let's start to change, we are not only our construction, we show who we are despite the beautiful, ugly, big, little that is our shell. thank you for your attention