friends story
Updated: 1/25/2021
friends story

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  • a day with two best friends
  • it's ok i'll buy you one
  • she promised she will buy me a cupcake
  • talia's house
  • best friends again!
  • sleep-overtime!
  • sleep time of the sleep-over
  • The girl with the blue shoes (Talia) finds in the snow 20 bucks and promises the other girl (Iris) to buy her and herself a cupcake but then Talia finds out that she does't have enough money so she buys only for herself.
  • At almost the end of the day Talia invited Iris to her house sleep-over time to say sorry about before Iris accepts her apology and then both of them say "best friends forever" and set of to sleep.
  • They set off to sleep and had the greatest time of there life.