The Legend of the Queztal Bird
Updated: 2/22/2021
The Legend of the Queztal Bird

Storyboard Description

This is an adapted comic on the mayan legend: The Legend of the Queztal Bird. This is also my Spanish homework.

Storyboard Text

  • Quiero que un hijo sea heredero de mi trono cuando muera.
  • Es tan molesto URGH
  • ¡Hurra! ¡Después de tantos años! Lo llamaré Quetzal
  • ¡Mirar! ¡Di a luz a un niño!
  • Si viejo sabio, ¡haz tu magia!
  • Quetzal, es tu destino vivir para siempre
  • Long ago, Cacique the powerful leader of the K'iche' people wanted a son to be heir to the throne when he passed away.
  • ¡Hurra! ¡Tres hurras por el nacimiento de Quetzal!
  • After many years, the queen gave birth to a baby boy and named him Quetzal, which means "beautiful"
  • ¡¿por qué no puedo matar a Quetzal?! ¡¿Por qué no va a morir ?!
  • ¡No es justo! ¡No es justo! ¡Quiero ser rey!
  • The king and queen invited a wise man who put a jade and obsidian necklace over the baby's head, saying that it's Quetzal's destiny to live forever.
  • ¡Ríndete tontos!
  • ¡tener compasión!
  • Everyone in the tribe cheered for the birth of Quetzal. Everyone... except Chiuma who was the younger brother of the chief.
  • Chiruma was jealous of the baby. With Quetzal around, the only way for him to become the chief was to get rid of his nephew. Over the years, Chiruma tried to secretly kill Quetzal many times but failed each time.
  • On the day Quetzal became old enough to become a K'iche' warrior, there was a celebration. When the celebration was over, the warriors went to fight a neighboring tribe.
  • No quiero morir...