Updated: 3/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • yes, it is our skull.isnt it?
  • how many parts are there in our brain.
  • what ! cere ---- berum
  • ok, i will say.
  • not cereberum its cerebrum.
  • no, it is cerebrum.
  • hi john, do you know which is the largest part of our brain?
  • there are 3 parts of our brain and our right half of the braincontrols the left side of body andour left half of brain controls our right side ofthe body.
  • mudula or brainstem. it is conected to our spinal cord and it controlls our involentary activities like sneezing and etc.
  • this is cerebellum and it is located in our back and it controlls our muscle movement and helps to maintance balance.
  • this is cerebrum it is the largest part of our brain and it controlls our thinking, memory and etc.
  • oh okay !!!
  • yes, now i know everything about the diffrent parts of the brain.
  • so now did you understand the diffrent parts of the brain?