Unknown Story
Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • This is Byron in his room, he is about to go down to the bathroom to play with fire.
  • Sneaky!
  • Byron is sneaking down the stairs trying not to make a noise so mamma won't hear him.
  • Byron is playing his Nazi movie, and is going against his mother's rules about playing with fire!
  • You dead my nazi!
  • Meanwhile, Byron doesn't know that Kenny is watching him, Kenny doesn't know that momma is coming down the stairs, Byron is goign to get burned!
  • What is going on here?
  • Momma drags byron by his neck to the couch and is gonna burn him!
  • Momma is at her last breaking point, she is about to burn Byron but Joey keeps blowing out the fire before it reaches Byron's skin.
  • "Blows out fire!"