Psychodynamic Theories
Updated: 12/10/2020
Psychodynamic Theories

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  • You shouldn't be on your phone in this class Mr. Wilson is so strict! He'll take it!
  • I don't care, he's not gonna see.
  • No, In don't have my phone out, its in my pocket.
  • Jake is that you're phone?
  • I didn't do it! I didn't have my phone out I swear.
  • Jake, give me your phone, you can get it after school.
  • I asked for your phone, so give it to me.
  • No, I won't give it to you! It's mine!
  • I'm not going to ask again. Give me your phone or go to the principle's office.
  • Fine! Take it!
  • I told you to put it away, I knew he was gonna see.
  • He did ask nicely at first, you just were disrespectful.
  • Oh my god, what is wrong with him, it's just my phone it's not that big of a deal
  • No I was not. He was trying to take MY phone, if anything he was being disrespectful!
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