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Action and Reaction
Updated: 9/2/2020
Action and Reaction
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  • French and Indian War:The war started because colonist wanted more land.The war provided Great Britain enormous territorial gains in North America, but also enlarged Britain's debt.
  • Proclamation of 1763:The King issued the Proclamation prohibiting settlements beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists did not like their freedom taken away so they moved into the forbidden territory anyway.
  • Sugar Act:This act was aimed at ending the smuggling trade in sugar and molasses from the French and Dutch West Indies. It was an easy way to make money through tax. The colonists protested this act.
  • Stamp Act:The act was a direct tax on all materials printed for commercial and legal use in the colonies this included newspapers, pamphlets, and other important papers. The colonist protested and they boycott this act because they weren't happy with it.
  • Sons Of Liberty:Sons of liberty was a a secret revolutionary organization that protested the Stamp Act there motto was: "No taxation withoutrepresentation"
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